Thank you very much!

Northwood CSR was great and has coordinated the wheelchair for delivery today.

Have a nice weekend.

Senior Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Case Manager

Just wanted to let you know that transportation for the above claimants with *‘Northwood provider’* was excellent yesterday. I was really pleased with the driver, the van was beautiful and an extra bonus was that they were able to get both of them in the same van. Wanted to be sure to send a compliment as it is often easy to forget to do that and only let you know about the problems J

Thank you for the hard work you all do during this time when everything has been turned upside down trying to get routine things done for our injured people.

Thank you

Nurse Case Manager

I have had nothing but positive interactions with every Northwood employee I’ve ever come in contact with, but XXX is particularly outstanding. She has gone over and above to help me out on multiple occasions, most recently getting me what I needed to respond to a request from MCCA. I want to recognize her for that, since she makes my job so much easier.

Auto No-Fault Claim Specialist

Thank you both for being SO FAST on this – this is why I love working with Northwood.

Auto No-Fault Claims Specialist

Upon speaking with Case Manager XXX she was stating that she is so thankful for Northwood. She said that she loves having us for client’s claimants because she knows that she can really lean on us for help. She also mentioned that she can call us anytime even if it is a insurance that she knows we cannot coordinate services for (payors not contracted with Northwood) and we will always inform her of providers that she can contact and help with services.

She said she knows that the future looks scary (regarding auto no-fault reform – effective 7/2/2021) but she really hopes that she will still have us here at Northwood to help her.

Auto No-Fault Case Manager

Auto no-fault case manager XXX stating how much she appreciated how good of a job Northwood CSR XX did with her quick response to her claimant being discharged and getting his medications approved so quickly.

Auto No-Fault PIP

Northwood CSR was very polite and helpful this morning, after speaking with her I was confident that I would receive my medication today. It’s not very often you meet someone in Customer Service that is courteous, extremely polite, and overall just a remarkable woman.

Auto No-fault Claimant

Just wanted to let all you ladies know that I had got a call that came in from xxx/claimant’s daughter who wanted to check on the status for her mother’s home health care. I advised the daughter what xxx/Northwood CSR had stated in her notes. Claimant’s daughter wanted me to let you know that, xxx/CSR was very helpful, fast and did amazing job on working so fast on the order and that she is grateful for all that xxx/CSR has done for her family and that she is an amazing person to work with.

Auto No-Fault PIP/Worker’s Comp
Customer Service Representative
Northwood Inc.

XXX CSR, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for completing this request for XXX injured claimant and me!

XXX injured claimant informed me after we hung up he was very happy with the information that you provided him with today on our conference call.

You are always so willing to help and go the extra mile – you’re great.

Thank you and have a beautiful day.

Auto No-Fault Adjuster

Thank you “Northwood CSR” for going the extra mile here! Good investigative work! Please feel free to show your supervisor my email as it is rare in today’s world to have someone actually problem solve the situation and you have provided excellent customer service here.

Not sure what alerted you to it being a different company, but glad you thought of it!

Thanks again,

Auto No-Fault Case Manager

Please recognize XXX (Northwood CSR) for going above and beyond to get supplies to XXX (auto injury claimant) after she was discharged from the hospital. XXX (auto injury claimant) was discharged with incomplete or no prescriptions and inadequate amount of supplies. The catheters, ostomy, and wound care supplies are crucial for XXX (auto injury claimant) care and recovery. XXX (Northwood CSR) diligently worked to get the prescriptions clarified and locate the hard to find items. THANK YOU!

– Auto No-Fault Senior Claims Specialist

Northwood received a call from Case Manger regarding Northwood’s home modification provider completing the bidet, grab bars and steps. She advised that XXX (Northwood’s CSR) is amazing and she is very happy with her hard work.

– Auto No-fault Case Manager

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how impressed I am with xxx/Northwood CSR. She is such a help every time I call or work with her. She takes such pride in her work, when problems arise and in this business it is often, she works tirelessly until she solves them. I know when she is tasked to complete something for my client it will be done in a timely manner and with care to detail and follow through. I literally could go on and on but I imagine you get the message.

It’s always nice to hear something nice about an employee so I wanted to pass this on to you.

Kind regards,

– Nurse Case Manager

Thank you so much CG (Northwood CSR). As long as we can get those liners to him ASAP. Have a great weekend and thanks for going the extra mile on this one.

You always give great customer service.

– Workers’ Compensation Examiner

It is not often enough that we give a shout-out for a much appreciated helpful and great job. JF (Northwood CSR) has consistently been a source of listening to my needs and following through – always with a pleasant and encouraging tone.

Recently, when my motorized scooter stopped taking a charge, JF kept her positive attitude even through my pain, and crabbiness — i was in a lot of pain from using my regular wheelchair to get around.

Please let this letter serve as my acknowledgement of JF willing-to-help attitude. Thank you Jennifer!

– Auto No-Fault Claimant

This is my first experience with Northwood and I cannot say enough great things not only of how smoothly my interactions have gone with your staff, but also the great reputation Northwood has in our community. Everyone has something great to say!

– Auto No-Fault Case Manager

I received a call from a case manager stating that Northwood’s CSR is the most AMAZING, PATIENT person who thinks outside of the box and goes ABOVE, ABOVE and BEYOND. They had been working on something for more than 2 hours and she was so patient with a very frustrating issue. She went on to say that she loves working with Northwood and will continue to do so.

– Northwood Team Leader & Quality Coordinator

A belated thank you for helping The Standing Company partner with Northwood for our mutual client: XXXX. We will soon be getting XXX standing tall for better health and increased independence — in her very own Manual Superstand Standing Wheelchair. Not sure if you know this, but XXXX excitement and enthusiasm when she stood for the first time was literally “off the charts!” And that was during the initial demo. So we are very anxious to custom-craft and deliver XXX her new Superstand.

– The Standing Company

I talked with both Northwood CSRs and told them what a great job they are both doing, and how wonderful it is to have a great team in the pharmacy. They both work on reds that are NOT theirs when they see them for the day, (teamwork), they work the next step and follow through, they ask questions when something comes up that they haven’t done, they don’t ask for someone to do it for them.

I’m proud to have these ladies on our team, and I can honestly say it is a team.

– Northwood CSR

Northwood received a call from case manager SA stating Northwood CSR (SR) is extraordinary. Everyone is quick to what people do wrong but she called Northwood’s CSR (SR) about an issue with CVS Pharmacy and within minutes off the phone with Northwood CSR (SR), she received a call stating it was taken care of. She stated 98% of the time Northwood is perfect. She went on to state she would be lost without Northwood.

– Case Manager SA

This was a very unique and complicated vehicle modification including equipment already installed , new equipment, and a vendor who is not a Northwood Provider. I was given the impression by Northwood’s CSR, with a senior Northwood CSR’s oversight, did the majority of the leg work.

I just wanted you to know the great job Northwood’s CSR did and excellent customer services received by all parties involved in this matter. I am sure Northwood’s senior CSR was in the background doing the excellent work we have come to receive from her too.

Thanks all of you,

– Auto No-fault Adjuster

I don’t know who does the hiring over there, but you guys are amazing I wouldn’t be able to do it without the DME team.

– Auto No-Fault Case Manager

Thanks for the great service! Always happy to refer my client’s needs to Northwood!

– Nurse Case Manager

I had a patient that was being discharge to pass at home and Northwood’s CSR worked her butt off to make it happen. I really appreciate how much the CSR helped me with this file. She was Great!! She made sure that everything had gotten take care of. Just want to let he know what a great job she did on this file and how much I appreciated it.

– Auto No-Fault Adjuster

Northwood sent me a price correction on the same day they sent me the DME price. They are always so efficient, they are very responsive, and so helpful. I love working with them. Just thought you should know that they always provide quality services.

– Workers’ Compensation Claims Representative

I want to “Thank You” and Northwood for thinking of us, it is Northwood that is such a great help. The girls are all so helpful and wonderful to work with. If I had time, I would name them, but just know ALL of them are tops and very much appreciated.

– Auto No-Fault Adjuster

I work with many different insurance companies while providing Action Trackchairs to our MI auto no fault clients. Some claims processes are long and drawn out, this is not the case when I work with Northwood.

I must say that Northwood’s Customer Service Representation has always made the process simple and pleasant, and I’m very pleased and impressed at the level of service she provides. They were prompt to return emails and or calls, and represents your company, the clients, and the insurance company in a highly professional manner. It’s a pleasure working with you.

– Auto No-Fault

Northwood is my favorite company for DME and transportation. I absolutely appreciate how quick your responses are J Thanks.

– Workers’ Compensation Examiner

Certain life experiences have recently taught me that kindness is not a common trait in people.

Your kindness in assisting me is most appreciated and a most memorable thing.

Thank you, and bless you, and all at Northwood who thought to treat me kindly.

– Auto No-Fault/PIP Claimant

Thank you for obviously moving so expediciously as you always do. Your so quick and right on time with everything. You provide such great service to everybody. I just wanted to say thank you for always taking great care of us.

– Auto No-Fault Claimant

Can’t thank you enough for all your help and your timeliness, you’ve been wonderful to work with.

Thank You!

– Auto No-Fault Case Manager

I’ve enjoyed using Northwood over the years and thought you should know that one of the best attributes of your company (for me) is that even when mistakes happen……I can always count on them being resolved in a timely manner. This is something I don’t get from other DME vendors.

– Workers’ Comp Nurse Case Manager

I love working with Northwood. You guys are very efficient.

– Auto No-Fault Case Manager

I enjoy working with Northwood and I feel your customer service is amazing. One of my files has been confusing and I’ve always had a great experience with your staff.

– Medical Case Manager / Auto No-Fault

I do want to tell you everyone at Northwood has been so very helpful!!!! You are now at the top of my list for medical equipment!!! I will pass on the word about your great service to the other case managers at our company. The information you sent me has already been added to our profile list.

– Senior Case Manager

I just had my first experience with Northwood’s after hours service. Great service! Theresa did a great job!!! My claimant needed an early refill on a prescription.

– Auto no-fault/PIP client

Keotta and Teresa are great to work with, I actually rely on working with them because they make it so manageable. Please don’t let them go anywhere J

– Auto no-fault External Case Manager

Northwood has been so wonderful. With everything we have been through, Northwood is so beautiful, helping to replace my wheelchair that was damaged in the accident, getting my old bed taken down and replaced with a hospital bed. Northwood made everything go so smoothly.

– Auto no-fault/PIP client

I didn’t know where else to turn. I didn’t want to bother you but you guys were always so helpful to me when I was in medical management. It was always great to work with Northwood. Because of you guys our job as an adjuster was made easier to assist our members.

– Auto no-fault/PIP client

Everyone at Northwood is so wonderful and helpful. You guys go over and beyond to help me!

– Auto no-fault/PIP client

I’ve dealt with a lot of agents over the years Northwood has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. CSR is so special and one of your best customer service reps.

– Auto no-fault/PIP client

I want you to know that my job would NOT be possible without all of the wonderful women of Northwood. The professionalism, the promptness and customer service rendered to my patients and myself is outstanding. Thank you for all of your hard work!

– Workers’ compensation client

Thank you very much for the excellent coordination and facilitation Cortney! I just can’t thank you all for the work you do to help me on my files.

– Workers’ compensation client

Thank you Courtney for your stellar work on this DME request and the fabulous assistance with coordination of care and treatment for discharge. I can’t thank you all enough for the work you do to assist us on files.

– Workers’ compensation client

Thank you all so very much. Your response time on my questions is amazing! I know that this will be a huge relief for my client as she prepares to transition home.

– Workers’ compensation client

You and your team of amazing people have made my job here very successful and made me look like I knew what I was actually doing. Every time I called with a crisis, you responded and made lemon pie out of a lemon rind. You are just amazing people.

– Workers’ compensation client

I want to take a few seconds to say thanks for the excellent customer service from you today. As you know I am backing up the adjuster assigned to this case and the NCM also happens to be on vacation today. You took my call, all the medical and contact information and just ran with it….and as we all know, ~ all urgent discharges needing extra “stuff” always take place on Fridays! You made my job so much easier. It truly is appreciated. So…. MANY THANKS!

– Workers’ compensation client

Let me just say that I just love Northwood. I think they do a great job and respond immediately to our needs. See note below. It really helps make our jobs easier when I get them the contact information and they coordinate this for us.

– Workers’ compensation client

Charlotte waited with me to assure I would get to the appropriate individual to assist me. I was extremely happy with everything she did. Thank you Charlotte.

– Health Plan client