Northwood is committed to helping injured workers and workers’ compensation carriers with all their home health care needs.

With one call, Northwood can coordinate the home care needs of an injured worker whether the injury is minor or catastrophic.  Northwood has been a trusted partner bringing their clients superior results.  From savings to member satisfaction, Northwood is the industry leader.

Northwood Home Care Services

  • Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Medical Supplies
  • Pharmacy
  • Home Health Care
  • Home Modification
  • Transportation
  • Translation

Northwood Solutions

  • Convenient access to a nationwide network of credentialed providers
  • Provider Network Management
  • Utilization Management
  • Electronic Claims Processing and Claims Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Discounted Fee Schedule
  • Pre-authorization Process
  • Centralized Call Center
  • Easy Referral Button – Online Referral Process – No Password Required
  • Walk-in and Home Delivery Services


  • Significant Savings
  • Member Satisfaction
  • Claims Accuracy
  • Customized Reporting and Analysis
  • Pre-determination of Work Relatedness

Northwood is an expert in the home care products and services industry.  Whether you’re an injured worker, a workers’ compensation carrier, or a claims adjuster/case manager we are here to help. Give us a call at 1-800-447-9599 and we will show you how easy it is to provide high-quality home care products and services at competitive prices.