Northwood has an extensive history of being an integral part of a number of health plans benefit administration for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS).

Health plans, whether large, small or self-funded, have looked to Northwood to assist in the effective administration of their DMEPOS benefit to provide significant savings and member satisfaction. Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs have allowed health plans to achieve greater cost control in the area of pharmaceuticals.

Northwood has modeled its DMEPOS administration after the strengths of the PBM strategy.  Similar to what a PBM does for managing pharmacy benefits, Northwood does for the management of DMEPOS benefits.  Our Durable Medical Equipment Benefits Management (DBM) model creates a transparent program that enhances the value of DMEPOS benefits, while reducing overall costs and improving patient care.

Northwood offers health plans tailor-made solutions to best address their organization’s specific DMEPOS management, payment processing and cost containment goals.  Some of our solutions include:

Provider Network Management

  • Over 5,800 U.S. and Puerto Rico Provider Locations
  • Accredited, Credentialed and Contracted
  • Independent and Hospital-based Local Providers
  • Extensive Retail Access
  • Volume Pricing Discounts
  • Negotiated Fee Schedule

Utilization Management

  • Pre-authorization
  • Rent-to-purchase, Capped Rentals
  • Appropriate Equipment/Supplies for Medical Need
  • Appropriate Quantities, Duration and Features
  • Reduce Not-Otherwise-Classified Charges

Member Service Management

  • Dedicated Toll-free Call Center Access; 24/7
  • Local and National Networks
  • Member Satisfaction Monitoring and Reporting
  • Language Interpreter Services

Claims Management

  • Paperless Claims Adjudication
  • Electronic Payments
  • Medicare Administration Experts
  • EOB Statements
  • HIPAA Compliant

Northwood’s DBM Results 

  • Significant Savings on DMEPOS Expenditures
  • Increased Member Satisfaction
  • Claims Accuracy
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Northwood’s team of DMEPOS benefits management experts are ready to employ their ‘highly-managed, high-touch’ DBM delivery model to meet your goals in today’s healthcare marketplace.  We encourage you to contact us at 1-877-684-9276 or by e-mail at for a personal consultation and presentation.