Northwood works with a network of home modification experts that specialize in the building of high quality, functionally accessible homes, additions and renovations required by claimants due to injury relatedness.

Overcoming temporary or permanent physical conditions that can affect activities of daily living can be overcome by home modifications. Northwood works with adjusters, examiners, case managers, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, network providers, building contractors and other specialists to determine the best solutions for the claimant’s environment.

Northwood offers a full range of services

·       Bathroom safety with grab bars

·       Modular, temporary and permanent ramps

·       Custom hand railing

·       Lift systems including ceiling lift, freestanding or pressure fit systems

·       Vertical platform and stairway lifts

·       Accessible remodeling

·       Bathroom/kitchen modification

·       Widening of doorways

·       Specialized hardware

·       Power doors and low resistance closures

·       Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS)

·       Barrier free specialists

·       A.D.A compliance in the business setting

Northwood is standing by to serve you and your clients.  If home modification services are needed, Northwood is the one to call at 1-877-684-9276, or submit an online referral by clicking on our Referral Button.