Find Out How Excellent Claimant Experiences Result in Renewals

Administering automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claims is among your insurance company’s top priorities. While processing claims, your examiners and adjusters must indemnify their claimants as much as is possible and simultaneously manage multiple other tasks within each claim. Adjusters and examiners also juggle several claims at the same time, which can mean that claimant experience isn’t always top of mind. However, providing an excellent experience for your claimants can result in increased renewals.

Increase your renewals

There are a variety of ways your company may go about ensuring that your claimants have a good experience throughout their claims administration process. One option is to proactively look for ways to reduce or even eliminate common points of frustration for your claimants.

For example, you may want to evaluate your reimbursement process for physician prescribed services such as prescription medicines. Many companies have their claimants fill their prescriptions for claim-related medicines at a pharmacy of their choosing. Though the claimant is allowed to patronize whatever pharmacy they’d like, that means they must keep track of all of their receipts and send them in to their adjuster or examiner to review. Plus, reimbursement paperwork is often required along with these receipts.

Receipt tracking and reimbursement paperwork tends to be a point of frustration among many claimants. For one thing, most claimants are not accustomed to dealing with claims and the administrative tasks that go along with it. That can lead to misplaced receipts and incorrectly completed paperwork in some instances. This situation creates added frustration for your claimants, as they will need to work with an adjuster or examiner as well as their pharmacy to track down the appropriate information for the claim.

A better, more efficient way to handle physician prescribed services is to partner with a durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS), pharmacy and ancillary service provider that has developed a network of trusted medical providers. This network brings in multiple benefits for your claimants.

One such benefit is the elimination of receipt tracking and reimbursement paperwork. Providers in the network should be thoroughly reviewed for quality of care and should offer discounted rates. Once your company partners with the DMEPOS, pharmacy and ancillary service provider, your claimants will then be able to access that provider’s network.

By filling physician prescribed services within the network of trusted providers, your claimant will no longer have out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement paperwork. That adds convenience while streamlining the claims process, delighting the claimant and removing common frustration points. Ultimately, this leads to higher claimant satisfaction scores as well as increased renewals for your insurance company.

Improve your claimants’ experience

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