Healthcare is Moving Toward Artificial Intelligence: Why is Northwood Different?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it is commonly referred to, is but one form of technology that is revolutionizing multiple industries. The healthcare industry in particular is embracing AI in a variety of different ways, from AI-assisted medical procedures to completely automated consumer-facing technologies. With the healthcare industry moving toward the use of AI, Northwood is taking a slightly different approach to assist insurance companies administering claims involving claimant injuries.

Learn about Northwood’s human-centered approach

To be clear, Northwood embraces technology to improve claims efficiency. Northwood is an industry-leading third-party administrator (TPA) of both automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claims and partners with a wide variety of insurance companies.

However, rather than rely too heavily upon AI and other technology when administering claims, Northwood ensures a human-centered approach stays at the forefront of each claim. This blend of technology and personalized care for claimants is unique to Northwood and translates to many benefits for the companies it partners with.

One major way that Northwood’s different approach to AI comes into play is the claimant’s journey. Northwood practices proactive communication with every claimant. For example, Northwood’s staff will contact claimants to check in with them during the claim administration process. Northwood also ensures that their staff is accessible to their claimants via theirphone line.

This phone line is also available for examiners and adjusters who have questions about a claim. Not only that, but the existence of this personalized form of communication means that your claimants will feel cared for if they ever have a question or concern about their claim. Plus, it even helps free up time for examiners and adjusters since Northwood is on hand to assist claimants.

In addition, Northwood keeps the line of communication open for claimants through their hospital discharge. Often, a hospital discharge may involve some sort of home health care assistance which can be complicated for claimants to coordinate. Northwood ensures coordination among all providers in order to be sure that the claimant has what he or she needs to recover at home after hospital discharge.

Many other TPAs may not take the approach of blending AI and personal communication into their claims. Partnering with Northwood as your company’s TPA will ensure that your claimants have a better experience which in turn means they will be satisfied with your company as a whole. As you already know, higher satisfaction rates among claimants generally tends to translate into increased rates of retention.

Increase your company’s retention rates

The many benefits of partnering with Northwood as your company’s TPA are significant. Northwood’s approach will ease burdens on your adjusters and examiners while helping to ensure your claimants are taken care of. Call Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771to learn more about working with Northwood.

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