Northwood Helps Improve the Claimant Experience

On a daily basis, your adjusters and examiners balance multiple tasks and priorities within each automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claim they handle. Those priorities can often present administrative burdens for your claims team members which in turn may mean your adjusters and examiners have less time to devote to ensuring claimants have an excellent experience. As a durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS), pharmacy and ancillary service provider, Northwood helps improve the claimant experience for many major insurance companies.

Improve your claimants’ experience


One way Northwood can assist your company in improving your claimants’ experiences is to remove some of those administrative burdens from your examiners and adjusters. Over its 30-plus years of experience in the industry, Northwood has fine-tuned its processes and procedures in an effort to streamline the adjudication of work comp and auto no-fault claims.

For instance, Northwood utilizes pre-authorization, which means that every physician prescribed service is reviewed by Northwood’s experienced team of professionals before being approved for the claimant. Because of this, every physician prescribed service that is approved will be injury related. This of course eliminates unnecessary costs for your insurance company.

However, it also removes the tedious task of reimbursement from your adjusters’ and examiners’ desks. Furthermore, this means your claimants will not need to pay out of pocket for their physician prescribed services. This adds convenience for your claimants and removes a common frustration point, directly improving the experience your claimants have with your company.

Northwood also leverages data and technology to assist insurance companies and their claimants. Collecting data from each claim your company administers brings a wealth of benefits, not least of which is the opportunity to improve upon areas of the claimant experience. By collecting and analyzing the appropriate data, Northwood will partner with you to remove common frustration points in order to provide a better experience for your claimants. This in turn boosts your claimant satisfaction scores as well as your retention rates over time.

In addition, Northwood has the ability to integrate with any claims processing system. This further removes administrative tasks from your adjusters and examiners since it eliminates duplication of files. It also makes for a more efficient way to adjudicate claims overall, therefore minimizing delays for your claims team members as well as your claimants.

Increase your retention rates

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