Why AI Needs to be Used Responsibly

Technology is something being embraced by nearly every industry, including by insurance companies administering automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claims. Specifically, insurance companies administering these types of claims are increasingly turning toward artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in automating certain portions of their processes. However, even though AI brings many benefits to the table, it is critical that insurance companies use it responsibly.

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For instance, insurance companies should be cautious of overly relying on AI within their claims departments. It is crucial that your claimants are able to connect with a person from your claims department right away when their initial claim is filed.

In addition, relying too much on AI can have negative, though unintentional, consequences. VentureBeat’s February 2021 article, How the Responsible Use of AI Can Help Create a Better Health System, reported that AI may enhance or contribute to disparity and bias in some cases. Therefore, insurance companies using AI need to be aware of this and proactively prevent bias or disparity from occurring. One way to do this is by working with an experienced durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS), pharmacy and ancillary service provider.

Ensuring your claimants are able to access a person throughout their claims process is another critical component of responsible AI usage. For example, if a claimant is routed through an automated phone system and is unable to reach someone when they have questions or concerns about their claim, that adds unnecessary frustration for your claimants. In turn, that can translate into a lower claims satisfaction score that eventually leads to a negative impact on your company’s retention rates.

Certainly, having AI in place for claims administration can be a time saver and an added convenience for both your insurance company and your claimants. Automated phone lines, for instance, could be helpful in directing claimants to the appropriate person or department should they call in with questions. However, that can lead to a negative experience if your claimant is unable to easily navigate the automated lines, especially if they are in distress from their injuries.

On the other hand, having an adjuster or examiner proactively reachout to your claimants can go a long way toward ensuring they are satisfied and feel heard. Similarly, providing your claimants access to a customer care line with a knowledgeable, caring team also ensures they are more satisfied with their claim. Northwood is a DMEPOS, pharmacy and ancillary service provider that can help your insurance company responsibly implement AI while providing excellent care for your claimants.

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