Why Work With Northwood?

When it comes to insurance companies administering automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation insurance claims, there are many things that must be prioritized. Keeping clients top of mind is one top priority. Another key priority is to help hold down costs and be as efficient as possible while also ensuring that you take excellent care of each one of your claimants.

Help hold down claim costs

Working with a third-party administrator (TPA) can significantly benefit your insurance company and your claimants in a variety of ways. Northwood is an experienced TPA based in the state of Michigan and can assist your insurance company in holding down costs, increasing efficiency, delighting claimants and more.

Specifically, Northwood works with each insurance company it partners with to implement proven processes and procedures that can significantly improve the company’s efficiency when it comes to administering claims. One way Northwood does this is by providing your claimants access to its experienced team members who can help answer questions and facilitate hospital discharges. This removes a major time burden from your adjusters and examiners while also keeping claimant care and satisfaction top of mind.

Your claimants will also appreciate the added convenience of access to Northwood’s network. Because Northwood implements a pre-authorization process on all claims, your claimants can receive their physician prescribed services without having to pay out of their own pocket. This pre-authorization process saves even more time for your claims staff members and also eliminates the need for tedious reimbursement paperwork. This makes the claimant journey much more streamlined, further delighting your claimants.

Each one of these processes that Northwood implements is designed to benefit your insurance company. Ultimately, each one of these benefits that Northwood brings to your company has the potential to help hold down costs over time.

Pre-authorization on physician prescribed services mean that your company is not paying for non-injury related treatments for your claimants. Accessing Northwood’s provider network translates into cost savings since each provider accepts Northwood’s discounted fee schedule. Reducing the time your adjusters and examiners spend on claims can impact the bottom line as well.

Northwood’s years of experience as a TPA also mean that your adjusters, examiners, and claimants have access to expert help whenever they need it via Northwood’s customer care line. This further ensures that your claimants feel cared for as they navigate their claim journey.

And finally, delighting your claimants will result in increased claimant satisfaction scores. In turn, those higher satisfaction scores can eventuallytranslate to improved retention rates for your insurance company since satisfied claimants are more likely to stay insured with your company when it comes to renewal time and refer your company to others.

Improve the bottom line

Northwood can help your insurance company improve your claims administration efficiency and can help hold down claim costs, all while taking excellent care of your claimants. Call Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771 to learn more about why your insurance company should be working with Northwood.

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