Personal Touch versus Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a trending topic. Technology offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses and corporations to harness in order to improve efficiency internally and externally. However, relying too much on AI or technology can have a negative impact on businesses. This is true for insurance companies as well, who can benefit from a combination of strategies involving AI as well as a personal touch that have an impact on retention rates.

Improve retention rates

Understanding the claimant journey is at the heart of providing an excellent claimant experience. When a claimant first sustains an injury, it can be a rather traumatic time for the claimant and his or her caregivers. This rings true for any type of claim but is seen most often with those who have never filed a claim before and those have experienced more extensive or catastrophic injuries.

As adjusters and examiners, it is imperative to step into the shoes of the claimant in this case. When a claimant feels overwhelmed, the last thing he or she likely wants to do is call up the insurance company only to be routed through multiple automated phone systems. Speaking one on one with someone within the claims department would have a more positive impact on a frightened or overwhelmed claimant. This is even more true when that phone call is the first contact a claimant has within their claim journey.

To be certain, automated systems do have their time and place. However, in this situation, the best practice is to go with a more personal touch. Rather than wait for a claimant to call in to your company, reaching an automated voice, consider adding in a personal touch by making it a priority for the adjuster or examiner to proactively reach out to that claimant right away. Even if the claimant is unable to answer the phone, he or she will most likely appreciate a brief message that offers a human element to the process.

Similarly, if you are working with a claimant being discharged from the hospital, taking a proactive approach by incorporating a personal touch will have a big impact. In this instance, it can be incredibly helpful for your adjuster or examiner to reach out to any providers that the claimant may work with to be sure the claimant will have what he or she needs after returning home from the hospital.

Adding in these proactive personal touches does take time. This is where a third-party administrator (TPA) can offer significant assistance to your company. Northwood is a TPA that prioritizes a proactive approach to communication and offers a personal touch with all claims. Rather than your adjusters and examiners taking time out of their busy days to call claimants, Northwood seamlessly takes this task off of their plates, helping claims staff and delighting claimants which impacts their satisfaction with your company.

Improve claimant satisfaction levels

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