How Northwood Helps Revamp the Prescribing Process

Many claims administered by your insurance company typically contain one or more physician-prescribed services. As you know, claims can be rather involved and complex in general and the addition of multiple prescribed services only adds to this complexity. While adjusters may be used to working with the prescribing process, your claimants typically are not. Following the traditional process can quickly lead to claimants becoming overwhelmed and frustrated to the point of choosing not to renew their policies, costing your insurance company money.

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Traditionally, the prescribing process has been cumbersome and lengthy which is a major inconvenience factor for claimants and adds significant expense to your insurance company as a result. A common scenario that illustrates this perfectly can be found within a claim that requires one or more prescription medications for the claimant.

In the traditional model, the medication would be prescribed to the claimant by a medical provider. The provider would call the prescription into the claimant’s pharmacy and the claimant would need to pick-up and oftentimes pay for the prescription out-of-pocket. Once paid for, the claimant would then need to send the sales receipt in to the insurance company for reimbursement along with additional forms and paperwork related to the prescription.

Once received by the insurance company, the prescription and pricing submitted for reimbursement by the claimant would need to be reviewed to ensure it was injury related. Delays can often occur within this process and the reimbursement could take up to 30 days to reach the claimant.

This simplified overview of the traditional prescribing process exemplifies the inconvenience to the claimant and highlights the additional expense of needing claims personnel to review paperwork and send claimant reimbursements via mail. Furthermore, the many manual steps in this lengthy process leave significant room for errors which cost insurance companies even more dollars. Additionally, if your current process requires your claimants to expend time and energy unnecessarily just to be reimbursed for a prescription, they will be dissatisfied with their claim and your insurance company as a whole. In time, this will lead to claimants choosing not to renew policies which will negatively impact your bottom line.

Northwood is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that is revamping the prescribing process, ensuring benefits for both insurance companies and claimants alike. In lieu of a cumbersome, manual system that requires a review of prescriptions after they’ve been picked up by the claimant, Northwood offers a pre-authorization process. This innovative process ensures the prescription is injury related and once approved allows the claimant to pick-up his or her prescription with no out-of- pocket cost. Additional paperwork and forms are virtually eliminated with Northwood and the added cost of staff members dedicated to manually reviewing reimbursement requests is drastically reduced as well.

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A myriad of cost and time saving benefits are waiting for insurance companies who choose to partner with Northwood and participate in this more modern, convenient and efficient prescribing process. To learn how participating in this revamped process will directly impact your bottom line and bring significant savings to your insurance company, Call Rosanne to learn more!

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