5 Questions we ask to reveal the real claimant experience

Administering automobile no-fault claims involves many facets, not the least of which centers on ensuring an excellent claimant experience. Claimant satisfaction is correlated with policy renewals. If a claimant is not satisfied with his or her claim, they are much less likely to renew their policies when their renewal date arrives.

The J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study illustrates that very fact, according to a J.D. Power press release from October 25, 2016. The study found that 84 percent of claimants who were classified as being “delighted” indicated a high probability of renewing their policy. Conversely, just 12 percent of “displeased” claimants indicated a high probability of renewal.

The bottom line is that this study shows if your insurance company is not delighting claimants, you will be losing out on policy renewals. Therefore, it is imperative that you examine your company’s claims adjudication systems to ensure the highest level of claimant satisfaction possible. We at Northwood have analyzed the data we’ve gathered from claimants and have compiled the top five questions that can indicate claimant satisfaction levels.

To Delight Your Claimants

First, were the services received by the claimant as scheduled and without difficulty? A smooth experience throughout the claims adjudication process is a necessary building block for assuring your claimants are satisfied overall with their claim. Working with a trusted, credentialed network of providers can help smooth the way for claimants to receive the necessary services as expected.

Secondly, were personnel involved in the claim courteous, prompt and professional? Claimants are generally not accustomed to dealing with claims very often and an auto accident involving injuries may oftentimes be traumatic to many claimants. Your claimants are expecting that anyone who touches their claim treats them with respect and kindness, so it is vital that everyone from adjusters to medical providers do their part to ensure that every claimant interaction is as positive as it can be.

To Improve Claimant Satisfaction

Be sure that as you review your claims process, you ask whether the benefits or service information was complete and explained thoroughly. Again, claimants are generally not going to know the terminology and shorthand that claims departments and medical providers are immersed in every day. Any time a claimant is contacted and instructions are given on physician-prescribed services for instance, Northwood’s customer service department and network of providers’ instructions must be given clearly and accurately so claimants understand and are compliant with physician-prescribed services.

Another indicative question pertains to whether equipment prescribed to the claimant was clean and in good working order. If a claimant requires the use of a wheelchair during recovery, you must ensure the wheelchair works properly and is well taken care of. It can be more efficient to partner with a Durable Medical Equipment Benefit Manager (DBM), so the selection of credentialed providers is placed on the DBM instead of your insurance company.

Finally, be sure to examine a claimant’s overall satisfaction with the provider. Not only is a claimant’s satisfaction with the insurance company important, but satisfaction levels with associated providers are critical. To a claimant, providers are part of a team working on their claim and it does not matter whether the provider is directly affiliated with the insurance company.

Northwood is focused on helping auto no fault clients increase renewal rates, decrease costs, and improve their claimant satisfaction ratings. Do you want assistance examining your claimant’s experience, and identifying opportunities for improvement? Call Rosanne to learn more!

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