What an Ideal Third-Party Administrator Should Be Able to Do For You

It’s no secret that administering automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claims can be rather complex and time-consuming for adjusters/examiners. Claims become further complicated with more extensive or catastrophic claimant injuries which require additional time and care. Fortunately, there are options available that have the potential to help your adjusters/examiners as well as your claimants. Third-party administrators (TPAs) are organizations that partner with insurance companies like yours to help administer claims more efficiently, with an eye toward helping hold down costs. While there are multiple benefits to working with a TPA on your auto no-fault and workers’ compensation claims, there are a few things that an ideal TPA will do for your company.

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Your claimants deserve to be taken care of throughout the indemnification process, and the ideal TPA will assist you with this. It is helpful for your claimants to have access to resources should they have questions or have concerns with their claim. An experienced TPA will have a customer care call center that’s highly accessible to claimants. This call center provides peace of mind to claimants, but it also saves time for your adjusters/examiners who may not always be available to take or return claimant calls immediately. By utilizing a TPA with caring staff, your claimants will be satisfied and the workload for your adjusters/examiners will be a bit lighter.

When considering options for a TPA, your company will also want to look into the existence of a provider network. A quality TPA will have an expansive network of providers who have gone through an extensive credentialing process. This will ensure that you will be sending your claimants to high quality providers which is a benefit both to your company as well as the claimants. Additionally, this provider network should offer a discounted fee schedule on physician prescribed services.

With a quality provider network in place, your ideal TPA should also be implementing innovative processes and procedures designed to streamline the claims process as much as possible. One example is the practice of implementing pre-authorization on all claims. This ensures that all of your claimants’ physician prescribed services are injury related but also allows your claimants to obtain products and services without paying out of pocket. This can be a major convenience for claimants and helps to streamline the process for all parties. Plus, pre-authorizing these physician prescribed services virtually eliminates reimbursement paperwork along with unnecessary costs to your company.

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