Working with Northwood as a Durable Medical Equipment Benefits Manager

Administering claims that involve injured claimants requiring the use of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS) or pharmacy services can quickly become complicated and costly. Catastrophic injuries often carry even more complexities that, if not managed efficiently, may significantly drive up the cost of claims for your insurance company. Partnering with a durable medical equipment benefits manager (DBM) will provide many positive impacts for your insurance company and for your claimants.

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Put rather simply, a DBM works with insurance companies to administer claims where claimants require the use of DMEPOS and pharmacy services. Some of the more common concerns that occur for insurance companies with these types of claims pertains to overall claims costs, claimant satisfaction levels and the level of quality of claimant care. Northwood is a highly trusted DBM that has the expertise to address all these challenges.

Claims costs seem to be ever rising and Northwood draws upon its years of experience to assist in mitigating those rising costs through a variety of proven processes. One way that Northwood can help your insurance company hold down claims costs is by granting your company access to its provider network. The advantage of more than two decades in the industry has allowed Northwood to expand its provider network throughout the entire United States. Each provider is thoroughly reviewed before being accepted to ensure that your claimants receive the highest quality care.

In addition to this top-notch care, Northwood negotiates fee schedules with the providers. These rates are offered to the insurance companies that Northwood partners with and their claimants. When providers are accepted into the network they also agree to Northwood’s pre-authorization process. This proven process ensures that all physician prescribed services are injury related, therefore reducing unnecessary costs for your company.

The pre-authorization process impacts your claimants as well. Once you become a Northwood partner, your claimants will have no need to pay out of pocket for their physician prescribed medical services, including DMEPOS and pharmacy services. Another benefit of this process is the elimination of reimbursement paperwork for your claimants as well as your company’s adjusters and examiners. This is an important convenience for claimants especially which is a driver of higher satisfaction levels.

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Your claimants are one of the most important priorities within your company. Northwood understands this and also is well-versed on the challenges associated with administering claims that involve DMEPOS or pharmacy services. That’s why working with Northwood as your DBM will provide a wealth of benefits for both your insurance company and your claimants. Northwood’s experience translates into lower claims costs as well as increased claimant satisfaction levels thanks to a higher quality of care through its provider network.

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