How Northwood Handles Claims and Why it Matters

Handling claims involves a multitude of complexities. The way that claims are handled means the difference between a satisfied claimant and an unsatisfied claimant. This difference significantly impacts the decision your claimant makes when it comes time to renew their insurance policies with your company. Northwood recognizes the importance of administering claims the right way for both the claimant and the insurance company.

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Perhaps the most important way to handle claims is to ensure that your claimants are properly cared for from the start of the claim through the end of the claim. Northwood works hard to make sure the claimant experience is as excellent as it can be. For instance, Northwood has integrated claimant communication processes into every claim they administer. Involving the claimant throughout the entire process ensures that any questions are immediately taken care of and potential issues are avoided within the claim. This also allows claimants to be as involved in their claim as they would like to be and to know that they are being well taken care of which reflects highly on your company.

As Northwood initiates regular communication with your claimants, they also communicate often with providers involved in the claim. This allows adjusters and examiners to focus in on other aspects of claims administration and know that all parties are working together to indemnify the claimant. All communication, whether with claimants or with providers, is done in a timely and expedient manner to ensure the best results for all involved.

Taking this provider communication a step further, Northwood also coordinates the delivery of services. This can range from the scheduling of hospital discharge dates to the timing of the delivery of a claimant’s wheelchair to coincide with the discharge date. Northwood’s proactive approach to communication means that your claimant will have the necessary prescribed services for recovery with minimal disruption to the claimant’s daily life.

In addition, Northwood has negotiated rates for prescribed services so your company no longer has to. This is an immense task that can be extremely difficult for your claims administration staff to keep up with. By partnering with Northwood as a TPA your examiners and adjusters will no longer need to keep this item on their to-do lists. These discounted rates will be available to you and your claimants which is a major factor in helping to hold down claims costs.

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From start to finish, Northwood is a leader in handling claims in a way that ensures maximum claimant satisfaction while holding down costs for your company. Schedule a call with Rosanne Brugnoni at Call to review how a partnership with Northwood can transform how your company handles claims.

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