Why is Claimant Data Critical in Improving Claimant Satisfaction?

There are multiple ways your insurance company can go about serving your claimants. From the start of a claim to the closing of a claimant file, every person involved in administering claims has an impact on how satisfied your claimants will be. Adjusters and examiners work directly with claimants, but administrative personnel can also have an impact on how the claim goes and whether delays are experienced due to paperwork being misplaced or errors occurring. If your claimants are not satisfied with the way their claim was administered, it is vital that your company collect and analyze the data to find out how to improve their experience.

See immediate improvement in claimant satisfaction

Northwood understands that data is a key component in improving your claimants’ satisfaction levels. With over two decades of experience as an industry-leading third-party administrator (TPA) of claims Northwood has refined data collection to the point where it offers a wealth of information and tools to insurance companies. Northwood then takes these data measurements and analyzes them to determine where and how claimant satisfaction levels can be improved for your company.

For instance, if your company were to work with Northwood a claimant satisfaction survey would be implemented. These questions are specifically designed to capture how your claimants perceived their experience throughout their claim. Even interactions with medical providers are measured and monitored since these providers are a part of the claim and your claimants’ interactions with them reflects directly back on your company.

These survey questions encompass a range of topics, one of which measures the overall satisfaction with the provider. Additional questions address how satisfied a claimant was with the personnel involved in their claim and whether the equipment they used during their recovery was clean and in good working order. If any negative situations occur or if these areas are not creating a positive experience for your claimants, satisfaction levels with your insurance company will begin to fall.

When this becomes a trend, the problem expands beyond your claims department. When your claimants experience poor customer service from a provider or the wheelchair they rented while they recovered from a broken limb sustained in a work place or auto injury malfunctions, they may begin to develop a negative opinion of your company. If multiple situations within a claim go poorly your claimant is much more likely to take his or her policies elsewhere once the claim is closed and it’s renewal time.

Transform data into higher retention rates

Collecting and analyzing this data is critical to preventing negative experiences for your claimants. Schedule a call with Rosanne Brugnoni at Call for a customized review of how data can help you increase your claimant satisfaction levels.

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