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  • Northwood’s Commitment to Excellence

    Northwood has over 20 years’ experience offering customized solutions to optimize durable medical equipment, prosthetic, orthotic and medical supply (DMEPOS) spend for insurance carriers serving health plans, auto no-fault and workers’ compensation programs. Northwood has expanded its services to include prescription and over-the-counter medications, home health care, infusion therapy, home modification, transportation and translation services. The goal is to examine the trends which show escalating growth in the DMEPOS market and offer solutions to maximize benefits while saving money for everyone involved.

    Northwood and their network of credentialed providers stay on top of the trends and changes within:

    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Prosthetics & Orthotics
    • Medical Supplies
    • Home Health Care
    • Home Modification
    • Transportation
    • Translation Services
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Infusion Therapy

    With over 20 years of experience in the durable medical equipment, prosthetic, orthotic and medical supply (DMEPOS) services field, Northwood understands the changing landscape of the claims industry. Northwood has kept an eye on the trends and changes occurring within the market to understand how best to maximize benefits for their insurance carrier clients while simultaneously keeping claims costs down. Insurance carriers partnering with Northwood will gain access to a network of credentialed providers that provide the most current DMEPOS technology for purchase and rental to claimants at a discounted price. Claimants utilizing this network will have zero out of pocket cost, thus increasing overall claimant satisfaction.

    Throughout the years, Northwood has worked with many insurers and claimants. Through these partnerships, Northwood has observed an increased need to expand services to include prescription and over-the-counter medications, home health care, infusion therapy, home modification, transportation and translation services. Furthermore, shifting patient care from the hospital to the claimants’ home has been a concept growing in popularity and implementation over the previous three decades. This shift in claimant care methods brings with it a need to safely and effectively modify the home while claimants convalesce. Transportation services are also necessary to assist with claimant indemnification if claimants are unable to drive themselves to the necessary follow-up medical appointments. Additionally, when claimants are at home they may need temporary assistance with their daily living activities which requires home visits from nursing, physical and occupational therapy and assistant staff.

    The costs for these home modifications, home health care and transportation services can add up to a significant total, especially without a credentialed provider network. Northwood collaborates with all parties involved to negotiate reduced fees without sacrificing quality of care. Additionally, Northwood works to assist with the coordination of claimant care to reduce further stress and burden on the injured claimant and their family.

    As a trusted partner for insurance carriers, Northwood’s proven systems and procedures will increase claimant satisfaction which correlates to an increase in overall retention for insurance carriers. Claimants want to work with those they know and trust who have the most updated claims industry information and access to the highest quality medical services providers with discounted rates. Northwood’s vast industry knowledge and extensive provider network is shared with insurers, allowing their adjusters to spend less time on administrative tasks such as researching the lowest possible DMEPOS fees and more time working directly with claimants to administer benefits.

    Northwood’s focus is on insurance carriers and their injured claimants and finding a way to help provide maximum cost savings to insurers while facilitating convenient access to highly qualified DMEPOS providers for claimants. Northwood has the experience and proven systems in place to assist insurance carriers with cost containment of DMEPOS services with no out-of-pocket cost to claimants. Insurers will realize lowered claims costs and increased claimant satisfaction levels by working with Northwood on claims involving DMEPOS services.

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