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  • Worker’s Compensation and COVID-19

    Worker’s Compensation and COVID-19

    Workers’ compensation insurance can be a complicated subject, as insurance companies that administer these types of claims know. There are multiple factors that go into workers’ compensation claims, which means that examiners must be well-versed in the field to be effective at administering these claims. Furthermore, the claimant’s indemnification must be top of mind for

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    A seemingly endless variety of factors contribute to increased claims administration costs. Whether your insurance company administers automobile no-fault claims or workers’ compensation claims, it is essential to always take a proactive approach to controlling the cost of claims. An important topic to address within your company concerns the matter of clarity, or lack thereof,

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  • Northwood’s Commitment to Excellence

    Northwood’s Commitment to Excellence

    Northwood has over 20 years’ experience offering customized solutions to optimize durable medical equipment, prosthetic, orthotic and medical supply (DMEPOS) spend for insurance carriers serving health plans, auto no-fault and workers’ compensation programs. Northwood has expanded its services to include prescription and over-the-counter medications, home health care, infusion therapy, home modification, transportation and translation services.

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  • Neuropsychological Testing

    Neuropsychological Testing

    An injury to the brain whether concussion or more severe can affect the function of the person and their cognitive reasoning abilities. Through time and research, doctors have developed methods to assess the patient on a more holistic level and work with them to get back the greatest amount of functionality that they can. Neuropsychological

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  • What You Need To Know About Home Modifications

    Auto or work related injuries can occur that cause temporary or permanent damage.  The physical conditions that result may lead to the need for modifications made to the home. The modifications can include widening of the doorways to allow for the movement of a wheelchair, hand rails for the person to steady themselves when walking

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