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    With the increasing use and adaptation of technology, it can seem like a personalized experience is often lost. Across nearly all industries, automation is used more and more while a people-centric approach decreases. While there is no doubt that technology is helpful and can even be more advantageous at times, it is critical that insurance companies seek out a blend of technology and human-centered processes. Working with Northwood as your company’s third-party administrator (TPA) means you will know that your claimants are treated as people, not simply identification numbers.

    It can be incredibly challenging for insurance companies administering automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claims to prioritize that human-centered approach at times. With the numerous tasks associated with every claim, adjusters and examiners can quickly become overwhelmed. When that happens, oftentimes a personalized approach may inadvertently be moved down the list of priorities.

    Northwood is an industry leading TPA that has more than three decades of experience with work comp and auto no-fault claims. This experience means that Northwood has developed proven processes and procedures that benefit your insurance company. While Northwood does embrace the use of technology and automation when appropriate, they also make sure to keep claimant care at the forefront of everything they do.

    For example, Northwood takes a more proactive approach when it comes to communication with claimants. Rather than waiting for a claimant to make contact at the beginning of a claim, Northwood will have one of its staff members reach out to that claimant. This not only ensures your claimant feels taken care of, but it also helps immediately address any questions or concerns that your claimant may have.

    When Northwood reaches out to a claimant after the claim is first filed, it frees up some time for your adjusters and examiners. They are free to begin working on administering the claim rather than spending more time attempting to reach a claimant via phone. If claimants have concerns, they can address those concerns with Northwood. This relieves the pressure on your claims staff, but it also ensures that your claimants have a positive experience.

    This positive experience of course is critical for your insurance company. When your claimants feel heard, as in the example of a phone call from Northwood, they are more likely to be satisfied with how their claim is being handled. This reflects well on your company since that can help boost satisfaction scores which ultimately translates into increased retention rates.

    Northwood carries this people-first approach throughout everything they do as a TPA for your company. To explore the many benefits that this brings to your insurance company, please schedule a call with Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771.

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