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    Automobile no-fault and workers’ compensation claims tend to involve multiple facets and, at times, rather complex injuries. In some cases, claimant injuries can unfortunately be quite catastrophic. When it comes to complex or catastrophic injuries, it can be extremely beneficial for insurance companies to work with one company that acts as an experienced durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and medical supplies (DMEPOS), pharmacy and ancillary service provider.

    In the case of a claimant suffering from catastrophic injuries from a work comp or auto no-fault claim, working with one provider on DMEPOS, pharmacy and ancillary services can be helpful for both your claimant and your insurance company. This partnership can improve your claims processes and add convenience for claimants in many ways.

    For example, catastrophic injuries tend to require a combination of both DMEPOS and pharmacy services in order to restore the claimant to their previous level of ability and health. Working with one provider streamlines the claims adjudication process for your adjusters and examiners, as they are able to rely on one provider to oversee all physician prescribed services.

    This streamlined process means your adjusters and examiners will have more time to devote to other claims as well as proactive communication with claimants, when appropriate. Over time, this can lead to increased claimant satisfaction scores and fewer administrative burdens placed on your adjusters and examiners.

    Furthermore, increasing efficiency within your claims means that your claimants will be more satisfied with their overall claims experience. A streamlined claim experience means a reduction in frustration for claimants and an increase in convenient options. Those options may include receiving high quality medical care through a credentialed provider without having to pay out of their own pocket.

    These conveniences are made possible when your insurance company partners with a trusted DMEPOS, pharmacy and ancillary service provider like Northwood. With over 30 years of experience in the claims industry, Northwood has built up an extensive network of medical providers that deliver excellent care for your claimants. Northwood has also created proven processes and procedures to improve efficiency within claims.

    For instance, Northwood’s pre-authorization process is implemented for each and every claim, meaning your claimants do not need to pay out of their own pocket for any physician prescribed service. Having pre-authorization in place means convenience for your claimants, yet it also ensures that all physician prescribed services are injury related. These benefits translate into a rise in claimant satisfaction scores and in your retention rates over time as well. In addition, your company will significantly cut back on unnecessary spending since all physician prescribed services will be evaluated for injury-relatedness before being approved.

    Working with Northwood as your DMEPOS, pharmacy and ancillary service provider improves the bottom line for your company through increasing claimant satisfaction scores, increasing retention rates, streamlining your claims adjudication processes, and more. Please schedule a meeting with Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771 for a personalized look at how Northwood can improve your company’s bottom line.

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