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  • Michigan-based Company to Serve AmeriTrust Group, Inc., and its Subsidiaries

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 19, 2023
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    Michigan-based Company to Serve AmeriTrust Group, Inc., and its Subsidiaries

    (Madison Heights, MI - October 19, 2023) – Northwood, a leading benefit manager/third-party administrator, and claims management company has extended its agreement with AF Group to serve AmeriTrust Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries. The extended agreement became effective June 1st, 2023. This announcement follows the AF Group’s recent acquisition of the well-established insurance provider.

    While the relationship with AmeriTrust is new, Northwood has a proven history of serving AF Group since 2009. This experience will support a seamless transition to extend Northwood’s complete home care products and services offerings and national provider network to serve AmeriTrust claimants. Northwood currently provides AF Group with a diverse suite of services, including Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Medical Supplies, Home Health, Home Infusion, Transportation, Home/Vehicle Modifications, and Translation/Interpretation.

    Northwood is known for its capabilities in delivering cost containment strategies, process optimization and improved claimant satisfaction for clients. “We recognize the importance of the trust AF Group has put in the Northwood team and we are looking forward to continuing with our long-term relationship,” said Northwood President, Ken Fasse.

    With the addition of AmeriTrust to Northwood’s client portfolio, the Michigan-based company will continue to solidify its reputation as a trusted partner providing innovative solutions for clients and better outcomes for claimants. “Our focus has been centered on becoming our clients’ unique advantage while extending our expertise and knowledge in the evolving Michigan insurance industry,” said Northwood Senior Project Manager, Rosanne Brugnoni.

    About Northwood
    A trusted leader, Northwood optimizes durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics (DMEPOS), pharmacy, home health care, home infusion, transportation, and home/barrier-free modification spending for benefit sponsors serving both the private and public sectors. Northwood has been a partner within the insurance industry since 1992 and has developed key processes that are claimant centric. Northwood presents the benefit of cost containment with significant savings providing the care claimants and members require. Northwood delivers results that count – 98% customer satisfaction through its professional Home Health Care Benefit Management model.

    About AF Group:
    AF Group is a leading provider of insurance solutions, encompassing brands like Accident Fund Insurance Company of America (AFICA), United Heartland, Third Coast, CompWest Assigned Risk Solutions, and AmeriTrust. With a rich history dating back to 1955, AF Group offers a wide range of insurance products, including workers’ compensation coverage, and operates with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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