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  • Auto or work related injuries can occur that cause temporary or permanent damage.  The physical conditions that result may lead to the need for modifications made to the home. The modifications can include widening of the doorways to allow for the movement of a wheelchair, hand rails for the person to steady themselves when walking down the hallways, and lifts to move people who are unable to assist themselves, to name a few. Modifications can also be more involved, such as converting a regular bathroom with a tub into a bathroom that is a wet room with a roll in shower. Another modification could be changing the home to accommodate an individual who will remain in a wheelchair.  This involves lowering cabinetry and providing ramps at the entryways. Home modification is considered when activities of daily living are impacted for an individual. Activities of daily living include eating, bathing, dressing, walking, and grooming.

    When home modification is needed for someone, these are some of the general steps to the process:

    A physician or therapist will determine if the individual will require modifications made to the home. Then a team of people will be put into place to oversee the whole project. While the physician will determine the modification, there are therapists, case managers, building contractors, and others involved in the actual modifications. The home and the individual will be evaluated to determine the modifications. The home will be evaluated further to determine the permits and other requirements needed to modify the existing space, the tools and resources needed, and whether the individual can be present during the modification process. Further evaluations will be made to determine what portion insurance will cover.

    After the modifications are complete, therapists will be needed to supply the training for the injured claimant and caregivers regarding how to put the changes to best use. If it is determined that home care is also involved, then a team of caregivers will need to be put into place and scheduled. Depending on the injury, this can be a simple process or more complex. One thing that makes the process less complex is having a partner work with you to help with the details. Northwood’s years of experience make us an excellent partner.

    Northwood is available to help assist with home modification needs. Northwood works with a network of home modification experts to coordinate care, provide supplies, and anything else that is required to ensure that the individual receives the help and assistance that is needed.

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