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    In today’s world, automation is a popular buzzword. Companies from small startups to massive, international brands deploy automation across the board and in a wide variety of industries and fields. While automating repetitive processes has benefits, it can have several pitfalls when it is over utilized within a company. This is especially true within the claims administration industry.


    If your insurance company administers automobile no-fault or workers’ compensation claims, then it is critical to partner with a third-party administrator (TPA) that understands the importance of the human component within the claims administration process. If automation or technology is overused in certain situations, it can lead to highly dissatisfied claimants who ultimately choose not to renew their policies with your company. This of course impacts your bottom line in addition to lowering your retention rates.

    When claimants sustain an injury and begin the process of filing a claim, they are likely feeling scared or overwhelmed. The intricate workings of insurance and the claims administration process are not familiar to your claimants, leaving them vulnerable at a time in their lives when they truly need care and concern. The adjuster or examiner that first contacts the claimant has the opportunity to reassure the claimant and provide that human-centered component to put them at ease.


    If on the other hand automated processes are used at the start of the claim and a recorded message gets sent to the claimant instead, this can set a poor tone for the rest of the process. The same is true if automation is overused throughout the entire claim, such as a lengthy recording within your claims department that makes it difficult for claimants to speak to their adjuster or examiner. This is an instance that leads to increased frustration for your claimant.


    It’s important to keep that human component incorporated throughout the claims process as well, not just with the first initial phone call. Northwood is a TPA that prioritizes taking care of your claimants in a way that incorporates communication. When claimants are discharged from the hospital for instance, Northwood proactively reaches out to the providers to ensure a smooth discharge and to line up any necessary services.


    Taking that communication a step further, Northwood also steps in to contact your claimant. This provides the claimant an opportunity to ask any questions and address any concerns they may have about their home health care services claim. More than that though, this open line of communication allows your claimant to feel heard and to feel that they are being well taken care of. Northwood acts as an extension of your company to make sure your claimants are satisfied which ultimately increases the chances they will renew their policies with your company.


    Incorporating the human component into your claims is something your company can’t afford to ignore. For a customized look at how Northwood can help you with this, please schedule a meeting with Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771.

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