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  • 4D News

    Generic Price Shift

    Seeing a rise in generic drug costs in recent years, we explain some of the causes of the increases plans are seeing for their generic drugs.

    Schedule II Updates

    Recent rule changes regarding combination hydrocodone products reclassifies these drugs as Schedule II, subject to tighter government regulations including more stringent prescribing practices.

    Health Care Reform Reminders for 2015

    Health Care Reform Maximum Out-of-Pocket and women’s preventive services are required for non-grandfathered plans for the 2015 plan year. Details are outlined in the article and all plans affected by the change have been alerted to the necessary changes.

    January 1 Readiness

    Welcome message to our new clients for January 1 and appreciation for all of our renewing clients. January 1 is always a hectic time of year both professionally and personally for all. At 4D Pharmacy Management, we are committed to providing the highest level of service throughout the year.

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