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  • Benefits of a Pre-Authorization Process

    The proper and efficient administration of workers’ compensation and automobile no-fault claims is vital to an insurance company’s continued success. As every adjuster and examiner knows, the first duty is to restore the claimant to his or her previous state after he or she experiences an injury due to a claim. Another responsibility of adjusters and examiners is to control costs, improve productivity, decrease cycle time and improve customer service.  

    With the myriad of responsibilities and tasks assigned to adjusters and examiners daily, it can be incredibly challenging for them to efficiently administer claims at times. Having an experienced resource to draw upon can dramatically increase adjuster and examiner productivity as well as assist in controlling claims costs. In addition, productivity levels can be increased when adjusters and examiners have access to proven systems within this resource that streamline claims adjudication. These benefits are realized through a partnership with a trusted third-party administrator (TPA) that has the experience and knowledge to act as that resource as well as implement efficient processes that can impact an insurance company’s bottom line.  

    Northwood is an example of a seasoned TPA that prioritizes the use of innovative systems and procedures in order to increase claimant satisfaction levels and simultaneously reduce claims costs for the insurance companies it works with. A pre-authorization process means that each and every physician prescription submitted to Northwood is thoroughly reviewed to determine injury-relatedness. Prescriptions and services that are not directly related to the claim will not be pre-authorized thanks to this proactive approach. This in turn means that insurance companies will save dollars and time due to the elimination of unnecessary payments within claims. Also, claimants will no longer need to pay out of pocket for any injury related services because of this pre-authorization process, contributing to higher overall satisfaction levels.  

    Once Northwood becomes an insurance company’s chosen TPA, examiners and adjusters can also rely on Northwood for answers to some of the most common claimant questions and situations that may arise due to the initial pre-authorization implementation or within other aspects of the claim. Northwood is a valuable and knowledgeable resource whose 24/7 availability to adjusters and examiners will allow them to focus on more efficiently and effectively serving their claimants and taking on additional claims.  

    Claimants will appreciate the elimination of out of pocket costs for injury-related services while an insurance company’s adjusters and examiners will appreciate an increase in efficiency in their claims administration process. The insurance company will realize increased productivity, decreased claims adjudication time and an overall increase in claimant satisfaction levels.  


    Northwood is a trusted and highly experienced TPA of both workers’ compensation and automobile no-fault claims and implements its proprietary pre-authorization process to bring a variety of benefits to all of the involved parties. Please contact Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771 to schedule a customized look at how Northwood can bring these benefits to your company.   

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