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  • Northwood, Inc. is a leading provider of Pharmacy Benefit Management Solutions – with more than 15 years of experience with integrated prescription solutions including pre-authorization of injury relatedness, payment processing, and cost containment.

    Free Job Aid:
    Orthopedic Commonly Prescribed Prescriptions and
    Over-The-Counter Medications

    Northwood job aid copy

    Northwood job aid copy

    Download The Free Job Aid

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    The information provided in the job aid is general in nature and does not cover all the possible drugs that could be prescribed for orthopedic conditions. Therefore, if you receive a request for a prescription that is not listed below and you are uncertain of its injury relatedness, contact Northwood’s pharmacy customer service coordinators for assistance.

    About Northwood
    Northwood provides a full spectrum of services to simplify healthcare payer administration:

    • Prescription Benefit Management
    • Provider Network Management
    • Utilization Management
    • Member Service Management
    • Payment Management
    • Claims Management
    • No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
    • Full and Coordination of Benefits
    • Conversion of Brand to Generic
    • Discounted Pricing


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