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  • When illness or injury strikes the road to recovery could include the need for home health services. These services can include private duty and skilled visits such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, home health aides, physical therapy, social work, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more. These care providers and services can be difficult to juggle and manage. It’s important that services are scheduled in accordance with other providers to ensure that no one’s time is wasted waiting for another service to be completed. All of these workers are on a schedule and have several patients throughout the day that need attention.

    While the care could be coordinated through multiple phone calls and several agencies talking to each other, a better option would be to have a central agency handle the coordination and care themselves. This way they would keep track of all of the services and medical professionals that are needed for the patient. The patient and family could just concentrate on getting though this difficult time.

    Home health services offer many benefits. First and foremost, it is a familiar environment for the patient. This, by itself, reduced the stress of recovery or rehabilitation, and can decrease the amount of downtime. The home will be evaluated for safety needs and care demands so that the best possible environment is maintained for safety. Being at home, not surrounded by other patients, reduces a person’s chance of catching an infection or developing a complication. In a hospital setting or in-patient rehab environment, there is a greater chance of cross-contamination through the sheer number of people in the enclosed space.

    Having services and personnel come to the patient means there will be less missed therapy treatments. Coming to the patient also eliminates time spent waiting in various doctors’ offices or even getting stuck in traffic or having transportation problems. Missed therapy appointments will require reworking the current care schedule and juggling the personnel to catch up with treatments without missing out on other therapies. Having a central agency coordinate all of this reduces wasted time and resources even more. These reductions can be realized in smaller claim costs.

    Northwood, Inc. can coordinate all of this care. We will work with our network of providers to ensure that all services and personnel that are needed are scheduled. Northwood is standing by to serve you and your clients. Call 877-684-9276 today.

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