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    Northwood understands that a delay in delivering specialty rehabilitation medical equipment can often impact a claimant’s rehabilitation recovery and/or ability to return to work. That is why Northwood combines its specialized services and its vast network of independent national and hospital based providers that can deliver rehabilitation medical equipment in record time compared to the industry average of 90 days.

    How Does Northwood’s “Fast Track Program” Work?

    • Northwood receives referrals (phone, fax, email or online) for specialty rehabilitation medical equipment from insurance adjusters/examiners, physicians, therapists, discharge planners or case mangers
    • Northwood’s service coordinators verify auto no-fault or workers’ compensation coverage and obtains insurance authorization
    • Services are authorized immediately with a specialty rehabilitation provider

    Northwood Statuses and Tracks Equipment by Determining:

    • Estimated time of delivery
    • Provider timeline for equipment receipt, assembly and delivery to claimant
    • Customer satisfaction with provider and equipment performance

    Advantages of Northwood’s Fast Track Program:

    • Coordination of benefits, with primary health insurance, for auto no-fault
    • Established network of providers
    • Aggressive discounted fee schedule

    Northwood’s authorization and tracking process creates a win-win opportunity for claimants, adjusters/examiners, physicians, therapists, discharge planners and case managers

    Put Northwood to work for you today by calling 1-877-684-9276, fax 586-757-3457, email or submit a referral online by clicking on the Referral button.

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